About Nancy

Hi. Let’s get acquainted; I’ll go first.

I’m happily married to George, a wonderful traveling companion, soul mate and love of my life—a second marriage for both of us. George is a talented musician and choral director. Family time is my favorite pastime. We have a “yours, mine, and ours” family; all five are married adults. We have ten amazing grandchildren and hope for more. I’ve worn several career hats. I taught intellectually challenged students of all ages, taught kindergarten in a Christian school, and was a school counselor. My most recent career was as a marriage and family counselor in private practice (Licensed Professional Counselor).
Over the years, I’ve shared what many of you have experienced; I hope it made me a better counselor. I’ve been a guardian and caregiver for my brother before his death due to dementia with Lewy bodies. I’ve survived breast cancer, divorce, depression, financial hardship, alcoholic family members, and the death of loved ones. Through it all, God proved Himself strong. My regret is that it sometimes took me too long to remember He is enough.

Currently, I speak, write, mentor college and young married women, and tutor/volunteer. Life is a blessed adventure.

2 Responses to “About Nancy”

  1. Judabeth Bural May 16, 2013 at 12:45 pm #

    Dallas Willard book on renovating the heart taught me I cannot grow in a likeness of Christ until my HEART softened(my word). James Smith in Good &Beautiful God gave me the understanding it takes more than wanting with the mind. He seemed to agree with Willard surprise? I heard you say just the mind-body connect is led by the holy spirit when you ask for guidance through prayer. Is this all saying the same thing and I,m just confused?

    • nancydavisbiffle May 17, 2013 at 8:55 pm #

      Thank you, Judabeth, for your question. I owe much of my understanding of spiritual transformation to Dallas Willard. I heard him speak about fifteen years ago and have read most of his books. I’m just now reading The Good and Beautiful God and think it’s great. I believe we are all trying to say essentially the same thing; we just have our own style and emphasis. I also have the perspective of a cognitive therapist who stresses the renewing of our minds. I hope you will check out my blog on May 25. It will explain the process in more detail. Anytime you would like my blog to deal with a specific topic, please let me know.

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